After the sell of our very successful Sports bar and restaurant “OVERTIME”, Debby Brielbeck decided to import German Beer , but not any kind of German beer but our best selling Beer we sold before at Overtime Sports Bar and Grill!

Kaiser Brau/ Veldensteiner Bier from Neuhaus, Burg Veldenstein, Bavaria ,Germany!!!!

Debby is married to a German who loves his German Beer made only from Water, Barley and Hopes as per the German Purity law from 1516 , for more info about the Law please visit Wikipedia, and that is one of the reason why she established Stammtisch Trading Inc, Clean good Beer without any Chemicals.

Stammtisch is a German word and translated in English as a regulars table in your favorite Pub/ restaurant/Coffee shop.
You may also research about the meaning of Stammtisch under WIKIPEDIA.
See you soon with one of our Beers!

Prost, Cheers, Skal, kanpai , salute, salude, gan bei,

Your Stammtisch Team

As many other breweries in Germany Kaiser Bräu had its origin in a family farm which used its self grown crop to brew beer. Especially in the Bavarian countryside in a lot of villages several families were brewing beer in one common brew house and sold this beer within their housing space. They changed with each other periodically and every single family had open just for a few weeks until the other family opened her tavern.

The village of Neuhaus received its rights to brew beer by the prince-bishop Weigand von Redwitz from Bamberg in the year 1522. This was 6 years after establishing the German Law of Purity which is still valid up to now.

The commercial registration of the brewery was made in the year 1929 by Josef and Anna Laus, the grandparents of the actual owner, Mr. Josef Laus by achieving a license for a restaurant.

After Josef Laus sen. had died in the Second World War Andreas Laus entered the brewery in the year 1948 in the age of 18. The breweries production after the war was about 1.800 hl per year.

In the year 1960 the brewery reached an output of 10.000 hl.

In the year 1065 the first own brew house was built. Up to this time all the beer still was brewed in the common brew house of the village of Neuhaus.

In the year 1972 a new filling plant was built up in the middle of the village not far from the residential building of Andreas Laus. In this year the brewery started the lease agreement with the Free State of Bavaria for the castle "Burg Veldenstein" which is up to now the towns landmark of Neuhaus and the emblem of Kaiser Bräu.

On its 50th anniversary in the year 1979 Kaiser Bräu reached an output of 100.000 hl beer per year and herewith left the status of a "small brewery".

In the year 1990 Kaiser Bräu reached an output of about 250.000 hl per year which brought about the decision to buy a new bigger aerial in the outskirts of the village with about 150.000 square meters to build up a completely new brewery.

Induction of the new plant was in the year 1991 after just 9 months construction time.

Up to now the brewery was permanently renewed an equipped with the modernist technical features including huge photovoltaic equipment which was built up in the beginning of 2012.

Since 1934, the highest quality has been our tradition.

Hops, water, malt and yeast –

the best ingredients from our backyard.

Ever since our brewery was founded, we have been obtaining our malting barley from agricultural operations around our home region in Bavaria. The quality of the malting barley is especially important to us, as it represents the ‘soul of the beer’ and plays an integral role in determining its taste.

We have been producing our high-quality malt in our own malthouse for many years. This is the only way we can guarantee our customers that only the highest-quality raw materials and traditional production methods are used.

We allow our Bavarian specialities to mature in their own time in our fermentation and storage cellars. This ensures that our beers, in contrast to many mass-produced beers, can take exactly the time they need to become authentic Schweiger specialities. A quality and value standard afforded to our company since the beginning of 2013 with the quality seal slowBREWING.

Honouring traditions, protecting family values.

Private brewery and a true family business.
The brewery, founded by Ludwig Schweiger in 1934, is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. Erich Schweiger, Siegfried Schweiger and Ludwig Schweiger (left to right) are leading Privatbrauerei Schweiger into the future with great passion. Customer relationships continue to be maintained in a personal and cooperative way, enabling the brewery to thrive amidst fierce competition with major brewing groups. Equally important to the brewing team is its association with its home region of Upper Bavaria and the friendly, welcoming people of the region.

Top quality from our Bavarian beer production.

Master brewing in keeping with our home.
We pride ourselves in brewing specialities of the highest quality. With the technical skills and experience of our employees, we brew in accordance with the German beer purity law, using only water, malt, hops and yeast.

We need a lot of energy for the malting, brewing and filling processes. Since 2004, we have been generating this energy by means of an ultra-modern solar installation on the grounds of the brewery. It consists of 550 photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 88 kilowatts. This is roughly equivalent to the energy consumption of 30 four-person households.

Consequently, the solar installation on the roof of our brewery is one of the largest systems in the Ebersberg district. In our long-standing family company, we see this as master brewing that is truly in keeping with our blue-and-white home.

Award-winning Bavarian beer.


In 1992, Mr. Miloš Lindr founded a production and service company in the field of dispensing and cooling systems. Thanks to several years of hard work and because of meeting its customer's requirements, a small family business changed quickly into the Lindr company, a leading Czech manufacturer of dispensing systems.

Also nowadays, with the company offering interesting jobs to more than one hundred people, and having its own complete production program, Lindr still proclaims the visions of a family business, built with purely Czech capital.


Since the beginning , Lindr has been going its own way with own original products, having been both as for the technical side and its own irreplaceable unique design. Using a high quality polished stainless steel in combination with natural hardwood leads to entirely original and ageless details.


Both ideas and innovations of Lindr have been highly successful on the Czech, European and world markets. Lindr's development and innovations always includes the requirements and experience of its customers, and the company keeps the best ratio of performance / quality / easiness/ design / price.

Every year the company enriches the market with enetirely original innovations. At present, Lindr has the widest range of dry beer coolers and of coolers with the smallest dimensions as for the given performance on the European market.


Lindr is aware of the quality of Czech beer and of the beer culture.

In order to be proud of this world top position, and to increase this quality with our products, Lindr has been using only certified materials and raw materials meeting the strictest demands for the hygiene and CE standards, which guarantee high quality,reliability, long working life and ageless design.